Boot Networks, LLC was incorporated in 1999 and was self funded from its inception. The company's core product is secure web hosting but they are also involved in web design and consulting services. Boot Networks is also involved in cabling, networking, ISP services including DSL & T1 installation, and video tele-conferencing services for various companies. The company's primary clients are the corporate world, business professionals and the general public. Currently Boot Networks maintains a presence in San Diego, CA as well as Aliso Viejo, CA with plans of expanding to either Chicago or Los Angeles. 

In 1998, U.S. households online generated $7.8 billion in revenues; in 2004 US eCommerce Sales Totaled $136.6 Billion. Ecommerce has emerged as one of the fastest growing sales channels for US retailers. According to Forrester Research, ecommerce in the US will grow at 10-20 per cent compound annual growth over the next five years and reach $316 billion by 2010. The research firm predicts that by 2010, 77 percent of US households will have regular online access, with 40 percent buying online. As the online market grows it is encompassing a wider mix of consumers, both in terms of demographics and level of user proficiency. 

New users in particular are not technically oriented and are therefore interested in subscribing to a web hosting service that is easy to set-up and use. Even more experienced users may be dissatisfied with their current web hosting company due to technical, usability issues or poor customer service. Boot Networks intends to give their clients the simplest way to get their product online and provide superior customer service than it's competitors. 

Boot Networks also has an easy setup that will minimize the need for customer maintenance. Intuitive online help includes plans for "click and talk" customer service. Boot Networks strives for 100% customer satisfaction. 

Why Boot Networks?

The Internet provides 24-hour marketing for your business to a global audience of 800+ million internet users. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your products today. We can provide you with online catalog and ordering through the Internet. We are not only competitive in our pricing, but also provide you with the best possible services and highest quality products available.
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